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Ordering: How does it work?

1. Choose the product of your choice. Note that the product information matches the information of your car.
2. Then click on “Order now”.
3. Check if the product of your choice corresponds to the product in the shopping cart.
4. Make a choice, order with an account or order without an account.
5. Depending on the choice made at step 4, fill in your personal information or check if your personal information and the delivery adress are filled in correctly.
6. Select a payment method.
7. Check again all of your information.
8. Confirm the order.


How does the E3 box work?

The E3 box is an external module which is connected with the ECU of the car. The E3 box optimizes the software by adapting data signals of the injection and the measured turbo pressure between the engine and the ECU in a safe way. This results in an increase of performance of the engine while retaining all safety margins of the parameters that are modified by the E3 box. 


How do I fit the E3 box?

De E3 box is easy to install, even if you don't have a lot of technical knowledge. There is a step-by-step instruction included with the products on the website. You can find the instruction under the tab “instructions”. An instructional video is following soon.


What advantages does the E3 box has compared to chiptuning?

There are a number of advantages compared to chiptuning. De E3 box is easy to install and also easy to remove. In addition, the tuning can not be traced by the diagnostic tools of the dealers because the E3 box optimizes the software without rewriting it. Once the box is removed, there aren’t any tracks visible. This maintains the manufacturer’s warranty and makes the E3 box the perfect solution for lease drivers who want to tune their car or for consumers who still have manufacturer’s warranty on their car.


Why should I choose for the E3 box instead of chiptuning?

In some cases, it isn’t possible to optimize the existing software of a car with chiptuning. Some manufacturers secure their software so well that tuners aren’t able to “hack” the software. In these cases, the E3 box is a perfect solution! In most cases the manufacturer’s warranty expires if the dealer traces tuning. It isn’t possible to trace the E3 box after the box is removed. The E3 box also is reprogrammable for your next car provided that the required software and cables are compatible with the car.


How much is the increase of performance after the installation of the E3 box?

It is possible to see the increase of performance we can archieve with your car by referring to the specifications on the page of your desired type of engine. You also can find a torque- & powerchart of our dyno measurement on that page.


Does the E3 box affect the fuel consumption of my car?

Yes. in general, the fuel consumption of your car will be affected in a positive way because the optimization of the engine management system ensures that the engine will work more smoothly and efficient. In practice, this means that the engine will generate more power then before at a certain RPM level. Your car will be more fuel efficient because the engine has to work less to gain similar results. Through, this depends on the way in which the car is driven.


Does the E3 box harm my car?

The E3 box doesn’t harm your car. Car manufacturers build in a proper safety margin regarding the thermal and mechanical stress to prevent extreme engine loads. The product remains within the safety margins as intended by the car manufacturers. The E3 box is also provided with an unique overheating protection for the engine.


Does the E3 box shorten the lifetime of my car?

Chiptuning and tuning by means of the E3 box doesn’t have a negative influence on the lifetime of your car if the tuning is done properly. We develop our own software and therefore we can guarantee that the tuning is not detrimental in the long term.


Is the E3 box suitable for all kinds of transmissions?

The E3 box is suitable for cars with manual gearboxes, automatic gearboxes and dual-clutch gearboxes.


Is the E3 box suitable for all kinds of fuel?

We only offer the E3 box for diesel engines at the moment. We are busy developing software for gasoline engines. Once we have developed this, they will be available on our website.


What is the delivery period of the E3 box?

Provided that the E3 box is in stock, the delivery period is 48 hours.


How long do I have warranty on the E3 box?

You get 24 months warranty on the E3 box.


Can I come to you for the installation of the E3 box?

It is possible to visit us for a proper installation of the E3 box. On the “dealer” page, you can find your nearest E3 box dealer. They also can help you with the installation of the E3 box.
For more information or for making an appointment, please contact E3 Performance. You can find our contact information under the menu “contact”.


Does the E3 box take account with the several safety systems of the car?

The E3 box takes account with safety systems like ABS and ESP. The E3 box doesn’t affect this safety systems.


I just have sold my car, can I use the E3 box with my next car?

The E3 box is reprogrammable for your next car provided that the software of the car is delevoped and available for the E3 box. Please note that it may be possible that other cables are required in order to connect the E3 box with the ECU. If you are unsure about the compatibility of the E3 box with your car, please feel free to contact E3 Performance of one of our dealers!