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////If chiptuning is a step too far

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If chiptuning is a step too far


If chiptuning is a step too far

We all want a faster car, but we can imagine chiptuning is a step too far. Even then, we can offer the solution: The E3 Performance tuningbox.

The E3 Performance tuningbox has the big advantage that the tuning box doesn't provide you with warranty issues. There are car manufacturers which don't give you warranty when the engine is tuned by a chiptuner. Not because chiptuning is bad, but because it is very difficult for car manufacturers to separate good tuners from the bad. The E3 Performance box isn't noticeable by the diagnostic tools of the dealer.

Easy Installation

Another advantage of the E3 Performance Tuningbox is that the tuning box is easy to install. Beside that, it's easy to make the installation undone. This ensures the possibility to take along the E3 Performance tuning box to a next car (as long as the wiring is identical, of course).

The software isn't identical for every car; it depends on the engine, but also on the type of transmission. For a car with a manual transmission with five gears, you probably want other settings then for a car with an automatic transmission. However, new software is easy to install.

Ideal tuning for lease cars

That means that not only your current car becomes faster and more fuel efficient, but perhaps also your next car. Thereby, the E3 Performance Tuningbox is the ideal solution to make your lease car faster and more fuel efficient. You can find a complete list with 14 advantages of this tuningbox on the E3 Performance website.

Unique overheating protection 

The E3 Performance Tuningbox isn't the only available tuningbox. There is only one feature that makes the E3 Performance Tuningbox unique: it's the only tuning box with an overheating protection. That makes the use of the E3 Performance Tuningbox absolutely safe!

Finaly, there is another important distinction: The E3 Performance Tuningbox is provided by ATM Chiptuning. That means that this performance box meets the same strict requirements as our other products.