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Powerbox Tuning made easy with the E3 Performance Tuning Box

Are you looking for undetectable and customer-adjustable powerbox tuning for your car? The E3 Performance Tuning Box delivers accurate performance, immense driving pleasure and efficient fuel economy.

The E3 Performance Tuning Box is an add-on box that is easily installed in your car to deliver more performance and less fuel consumption. It is unique in many ways, not in the least because it is the only powerbox tuning solution that offers overheating protection to safeguard your engine life.

The E3 Performance Box is a smart and safe investment for other reasons too. Through its clever approach to powerbox tuning, it optimizes the manufacturer’s engine management software without actually overwriting it. This means that the E3 Performance Tuning Box is undetectable to diagnostic tools as well as reversable and transferable to your next car, since it’s reprogrammable for almost every car. Moreover, using E3’s powerbox won’t affect any safety systems on your car, such as ABS or ESP.

  • Undetectable
  • Reversable
  • Transferable
  • Reprogrammable
  • Overheating protection

Many powerbox tuning options

The E3 Performance Tuning Box was developed by tuners for tuners. All calibration was done on the dyno, with a multi-channel box and dual CPU technology used for the most accurate results. Using a technique called floating gain, the E3 way of powerbox tuning helps to avoid ECU detection and learning/adaptation issues.

The ‘developed by tuners for tuners’ concept is the reason the E3 Performance Tuning Box was made to be customer-adjustable, giving you more freedom to explore the power and torque range of your car. There’s one for almost every type of car, with powerbox tuning options available for both gasoline and diesel cars with all types of transmissions, manual, automatic or DCT.

  • Multi-channel box
  • Dual CPU technology
  • Floating gain to avoid ECU detection
  • Gasoline and diesel
  • Manual, automatic or DCT
  • Customer-adjustable

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A powerbox tuning hit all over the world

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